3 April 2024


A good morning with the peace of the Lord to everyone. For today, Wednesday 3 April 2024, the thought that I felt in my heart to share with you has as its key verse:
Psalm 106:3 (NIV)

“Blessed are those who act justly, who always do what is right.”

Melania's sales figures were not good. His colleagues fared much better and the reason was because, by hook or by crook, they would do anything to sell their products and increase their sales figures. Melania wanted to remain firm in her values, and found herself in the position of having to make a decision: do everything to be able to sell or remain firm in her principles of correctness.
When things are going well, it's easy to do what's right. But when faced with storms and challenged by difficult circumstances, we must remind ourselves to do the right thing and hold to the right values ​​even in those moments.
The Word of the Lord calls blessed those who do what is right at all times.
Beloved, let us begin by controlling our lives, making every effort, through the strength and guidance of the Holy Spirit, to observe in our conduct what the Bible teaches us. Our actions must be governed by the principles of integrity. Let us stay rooted in the foundations of the Word of the Lord and put them into practice in every moment of our lives.

Together we pray to the Lord telling him: God of love, I thank you for your word. I desire to do Your will in all circumstances. Help me to be obedient to you in everything. In the name of Jesus... Amen!
With love, Ivano Salerno