20 March 2024


A good morning with the peace of the Lord to everyone.
For today, Wednesday 20 March 2024, the thought that I felt in my heart to share with you has as its key verse:
II Samuel 22:50 (NIV)

“Therefore I will praise you, LORD, among the nations; I will sing the praises of your name.”

David thanked God for His protection. David spent part of his life in hiding while being pursued by Saul. God was faithful to protect David. David was anointed to be the king of Israel, but he never stopped having enemies in his life. He was grateful, however, to God who never disappointed him.
Walking with God doesn't mean we won't face problems or worrying situations. With God by our side we will be safe. The word of God says that a thousand may fall at our side and ten thousand at our right hand, but we will not be affected. Yes, even if terror strikes around us, nothing will harm us. God will keep us safe. He will protect us. When difficult times would like to suffocate us or make us feel hopeless and discouraged, we must lift our heads and remember that God is with us and will not allow anything or anyone to oppress us. As long as we are in the world, we will be fought, we will never be defeated because God will not allow it.
Let us give thanks to God and sing his praises. We declare what God has done among the people around us. Let's spread God's message of love because everything we are is only thanks to Him.

Together we pray to the Lord telling him: God of love, I thank you for your word. You are worthy of being praised and exalted. Help me overcome everything with Your strength. In the name of Jesus... Amen!
With love, Ivano Salerno