1 April 2024


Peace of the Lord and have a good start to the week everyone.
For today's "Bread from Heaven", Monday 1 April 2024, the thought we feel like sharing with you has as its key verse:
Psalm 5:3 (NIV)

“In the morning, LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.”

In the Bible, David was called a man after God's own heart. He knew God and saw incredible miracles during his life. But notice in this verse what David was doing. He set the tone for his entire day by spending time with the Lord each morning. No matter what was going on in his life, David had already set his priorities. Even though he was mistreated by his family, teased, persecuted by King Saul, and even made some serious mistakes, David realized that every morning held the promise of new hope in the Lord.
Just like David, if you make spending time with God a priority in your life, you will see Him work powerfully on your behalf. Get into the habit of seeking Him first thing every single day. No matter what is happening in your life, always seek Him from the morning. Let Him set the right tone for your day and put you on the path to victory in every area of ​​your life!

Today we want to pray together and say: God the Father, I want to put you first in everything I do. I want to start my every day with You. Help me overcome everything with Your support. In the name of Jesus... Amen!
With love, Ivano Salerno